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Meet the Mad Man Whose $50-Million Party Compound Has Lured Justin Bieber and a Lion

A <a href="http://la.curbed.com/archives/2014/08/the_strange_history_of_justin_biebers_new_29k_rental_mansion.php">2014 listing photo</a> of the compound
A 2014 listing photo of the compound

The most notorious party house in Hollywood is actually a collection of four houses that together measure 46,000 square feet, hold 32 bedroom and 51 bathrooms, and are up for sale for $50 million. Located on Weidlake Street in Lake Hollywood, it's been rented out in the past by Justin Bieber and many other celebrities, plus TV shows and series (including one for Playboy about swingers) and an expensive weight loss retreat. A slew of wild parties and an appearance by an unpermitted lion have really set neighbors off recently, but none of it is bothering the creator of the compound, The Hollywood Reporter says. In fact, he's totally open to a compromise with locals: "Go ahead, all you f—ing assholes out there that complain every day: You can have [the mansions]. They make money. They're a good return. Buy my homes, and I will leave."

Developer Danny Fitzgerald—a former co-owner of the now-shuttered, once-hot Century Club in Century City—shakes off the fact that neighbors refer to his houses as "a cancer" or "the abortion on the hill" because he sees his grumpy neighbors as a bunch of wet blankets. "They don't want anyone building, they don't want anyone having fun, they don't want anyone filming," he says. People certainly are having fun at his property. One of the houses, rented out for $22,000 to a "German cosmetics entrepreneur" and his wife, hosts regular gatherings of bikini ladies and was the site of that party where the lion showed up.

But the compound was meant to be ground zero for fun. Partying is in Fitzgerald's blood, a friend says, dating back to the days of throwing lingerie parties at his fancy houses, "attended by the likes of Wilt Chamberlain." The Weidlake houses have design elements that, some say, only "confirmed members of the doucheoisie" could enjoy, like colored lights everywhere, tile that spells "Hollywood" out by the pool, and rows of urinals in the bathrooms like they're in a club instead of a house. "The Danny design philosophy" says that every house has to have a surround-sound-enabled theater too.

Of course, Fitzgerald's been in the building business for a while, so he knows that a party pad has to be able to take a few hits. The materials in the houses were all "selected with 'high traffic in mind'." Venetian plaster was chosen because "[y]ou can patch it after people mess it up" and the floor tiles are the "indestructible" kind that are also used in Hyatt hotels.

The sad thing, in Fitzgerald's eyes, is that this house couldn't be built again today—new anti-mansionization rules would restrict the 60-foot-tall party pad to less than half the height. "It's unfair to landowners ... [The city's] not letting anyone build these monsters anymore. The lots are worthless."

This massive mansion collection is timeless in his eyes: "This thing will be 50 years old, and it'll still be cool," he tells THR. He imagines people will look up and wonder how the massive party complex was even built in the first place, because "it was done and then those assholes made a scene and then the city changed the building codes and now no one can ever do it!"

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