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Burned-Out Wreck of a House in the Hills Asking $2.4 Million

It's kind of touching the way that the listing for this crumbling, singed house in the hills above the Sunset Strip hesitates to offer this place up as completely beyond the point of salvation. In a town where intact, remodeled, and very lovely Mid-Century Modern residences are presented with one photo and renderings of what could be, this structure is introduced as "in need of major TLC or can be complete tear-down." Can be? Advertised as a "former 'Party House'," this shell of a mansion still has its indoor pool (seen in the listing photos filled with dirt and a traffic cone) and sits on a street-to-street lot. The "Major fixer/ teardown" is listed for $2.385 million.

· 1626 Sunset Plaza Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90069 [Redfin]