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More Filming in LA Means More Complaints About Filming in LA

Los Angeles officials and showbiz folks might be pumped about the return of filming to Los Angeles after a fallow period (thanks in part to $330 million in subsidies), but residents are not so excited. This year there have been 3,268 filming-related complaints—a 20 percent jump from 2013, says the Daily News, citing totals reported by Film LA, the nonprofit that supervises production and hands out permits to crews working in the city. About 25 percent of those complaints were about productions taking up parking spaces; too-frequent filming and filming late at night were also common annoyances.

"Basically, it's this neighborhood invasion," says one local who lodged a complaint about noisy filming that occurred over the course of three weeks in his Encino neighborhood. He'd like to see more oversight of the productions, and questions whether or not all are in step with a local law that says filming must be an "'infrequent' use." In Hancock Park, complaints are up from last year, according to a rep for the Hancock Park Homeowners Association, but they're not ready to demand more oversight yet. Instead, the neighborhood council has started to ask that film productions kick the HOA some money to go toward neighborhood maintenance.
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