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Soon There Will Be Free Transit Between WeHo and Hollywood/Highland Red Line Station

Seeking to bridge a gap that was left behind when LADOT discontinued a DASH bus route that linked West Hollywood to the Metro Red Line station at Hollywood/Highland back in 2010, the West Hollywood City Council has voted to fund a pilot program that would run a free shuttle between various West Hollywood stops and Hollywood/Highland. It's not going to be anything like WeHo's party-time PickUp Line trolley bus; this new, free shuttle is aimed straight at commuters, operating only during weekday rush hours. WeHoville reports that the shuttles will arrive every 20 minutes from 7 to 9 am in the morning and from 5:30 to 7 pm at night from Monday to Friday.

According to a staff report, the shuttle will use buses that otherwise function as WeHo's Cityline buses. (They're figuring out how to send the message to riders that "there are two separate but related services.") The commuter-focused shuttle is expected to fully roll out in early January, but is only funded to run through June 20. At that point, there will be an assessment of how successful it was and the city will decide whether or not to keep the line running. Here's where the shuttle is expected to stop and go:

Proposed routes:

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