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Diane Keaton Flipping Her Mansion in Pac Pal for $7 Million

Usually when there's Diane Keaton real estate news, she's preserving an Arts District warehouse or putting a restored Lloyd Wright home back on the market. In a bit of a departure for this darling of LA Conservancy, Keaton is unloading a Pacific Palisades home that was built only six years ago. Keaton bought the 7,800-square-foot, six-bedroom home for $5.6 million in 2012, and is now asking for $6.995 million. Judging from the pictures in the listing, she didn't change a whole lot while she owned it either.

There are some minor cosmetic changes in the lighting fixtures and some new paint here and there, but the major design element is text, lots and lots of text, painted right on the wall. Whether it's the dining room declaring "WE'RE GLAD YOU'RE HERE" or the guest bedroom reminding visitors to SMILE, there's plenty of reading to do here. Non-text-based amenities include a pool and spa, gym, home theater, wine room, and a roof deck.

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