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See the Refreshingly Open Transformation Happening at Downtown LA's Macy's Fortress

The Financial District's Macy's Fortress is transitioning into a more open, updated retail center called The Bloc, and at this point, it's really hard to recognize the once-brick-enclosed complex. One of the most improved parts is at the rear of the building, where there were once red brick, fortress-like walls hiding the parking structure. Now, there are sleek charcoal exterior walls, and openings at the corner of Eighth and Hope so, as cars go up that twisting ramp in search of a better spot, they can glimpse a little bit of the outside world.

Along Seventh Street, the roof has been off since the summer, so onlookers can see the sunken courtyard that will soon be encircled by overlooking shops. The whole project is scheduled to be complete this year. When it's done, The Bloc will have a boozy Alamo Drafthouse theater, its own portal to the Seventh/Metro subway station, and a host of shops and eateries.

Before photo via Hunter Kerhart, after photo via The Bloc LA

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