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Transit Plan For Chargers/Raiders NFL Stadium: Shuttle Buses

Two competing plans to build a professional football stadium in Los Angeles have been duking it out for months, but the NFL can't seem to make up its mind and won't make any decision on which team or teams get to move until after the new year. That lengthy process is only making the competition more fierce. Faced with the transit-friendliness of the Rams's Inglewood stadium plan—its pretty close to a forthcoming downtown Inglewood stop on the under-construction Crenshaw Line—officials with the Carson stadium plan, which would be the home of the Raiders and the Chargers, have decided to create a transit link for their stadium, too, with shuttle buses, the Daily Breeze reports.

The shuttle buses would run between the stadium—which sits roughly at the intersection of the 405 and 110 Freeways—and the Blue Line's Del Amo station, and also to and from the Silver Line's stop in Gardena at the Harbor Gateway Transit Center, says CBS LA. The city of Carson is considering buying zero emission, "rapid articulated shuttle buses" to use for the proposed network, hopefully with funds from Metro, which is taking proposals for green transit in areas where transit options are lacking. "When all is said and done, we're going to have the most accessible and the most environmentally friendly NFL stadium in the nation," Carson's mayor tells CBS LA.

The Chargers/Raiders say they'll include a three-platform stop at the stadium for buses and trains, and then hope for eventual "long-term rail options [that] could be developed with stadium construction."
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