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First Look at the Two Tall Towers Planned for Historic Core's Spring Street

One of the towers (left), at 732 S. Spring
One of the towers (left), at 732 S. Spring

In the last year or so, developer Holland Partner Group has bought two parking lots in Downtown LA's Historic Core, on Spring Street near Eighth, with the intention of putting 24-story high-rises on both plots, both designed by architects MVE & Partners—now we're getting a glimpse of what those towers might look like, via Urbanize LA. The first 24-story tower, at 732 S. Spring Street, would have 308 residential units, about 7,200 square feet of retail at street level, and a pocket park. Parking would be on five levels, three above ground and two below.

The more recently announced second tower will rise at 751 S. Spring Street. Also reaching 24 stories, this tower would have a similar number of residential units (320), but its roughly 9,000 square feet of retail space will be spread across the first two floors of the building (Holland wants to get a grocery store in there). This tower would also have townhouse-style units along Eight and Spring Streets. Parking would take up seven levels, with three below ground.

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