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Mid-Century Modern With Stunning Views of Fryman Canyon Going for $1.3 Million

This four-bedroom, three-bathroom mid-century home above Studio City has all sorts of 1960s treats to behold. There's the open floor plan, those vintage kitchen cabinets, and that awesome floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace. The bedrooms are a little plain jane, but that might just be in comparison to what's outside their windows. The real star of this 1964 property is the view from the backyard, which offers "breathtaking views of cityscape, canyon, & mountain."

The house is so versatile, too. Residents can watch the sunset from behind one of the many massive windows indoors, or go glamping among the trees in the rustic backyard. Just head out into the mulch with a couple lawn chairs, position them just right to block out any other houses from view, and pretend Fryman Canyon is Yosemite. The asking price is $1.299 million.

· 11488 Dona Evita Drive, Studio City, CA [Estately]