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There's a Plan to Purify Water From the Valley and Create a Community Pool

Capturing the precious water that Los Angeles does have and banking it in a variety of ways— directing it back into the ground, saving it in cisterns and using it for watering yards— is all the rage right now; given the years of drought LA (and the state) has been dealing with, it's pretty clear we've got to catch every last drop. Enter a plan by San Francisco-based architect Lujac Desautel that involves directing water from the Valley's Tujunga Wash into cool-looking purification structures that would clean the water and put some of it into a handsome community pool, says Wired.

Desautel's plan involves building three big structures along the wash that look like upside-down pyramids. Two of the pyramids would contain and "clean the water with plant-based biofilters"; of that water, some would go through to the third triangular water-collector, which would become a public pool. All the remaining water would be reintroduced into underground aquifers. In response to possible criticism about filling a pool with this water when it's needed so badly for other things, Desautel tells Wired, "The reality is, people live this outdoor lifestyle here. To take this away is to take away the DNA of what Los Angeles is."

Desautel's plan, called "Liquifying Aquifers" just won an award in the "pragmatic" section of Archinect's Dry Futures contest, and is basically just an exciting idea at this point. There are a lot of details that still need to be worked out, like exactly what kind of plants will be doing the bio-filtering, or how to get the clean water into the Valley's underground aquifers without having it be tainted by the very dirty groundwater in the area.

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