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Sarah Lineberger's Unconventional Floral Designs Challenge a Trending Craft

Pin it on the Do-It-Yourself boom, an growing itch to embrace nature, or the success of visually-compelling social platforms like Instagram, but floral design is currently enjoying a brand-new spotlight. For Los Angeles-based floral designer Sarah Lineberger, this is a extremely exciting time, not only because of all the fresh ideas blooming, but also because it's an opportunity to get people to take seriously a trade that she says is too often considered a "granny hobby."

At 27, Lineberger is both young in age and a bit of a veteran of the industry—she's been at it since age 15, when she started working at a neighborhood flower shop after school. Over the last decade, the SoCal native has built up experience in a wide variety of floral shops on two coasts. While her day job involves doing florals for elaborate weddings up and down the coast of California, the remainder of her time is spent exploring the polar opposite, creating heavily experimental pieces that often turn scraps she finds from the streets (i.e. a palm tree trunk or coconut skin) into wild arrangements challenging our very notions of the craft.

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