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300,000 LA Pets Will Have Gluten-Free Meals After the Big One

Los Angeles is certainly ramping up preparations for the Big One. They've mandated seismic retrofitting, consulted an earthquake czar, and beefed up their emergency cell networks. But even with all that prep work, LA is still taking out a sizable insurance policy to protect some of its most important citizens: its pets. Their care will be outsourced. According to KPCC, the city has just inked a deal with two independent contractors to provide supplemental disaster relief for up to 300,000 pets and 750,000 humans.

Should the city find its resources stretched too thin to provide grooming and dog park upkeep after the faults that zig-zag across LA have swallowed entire swaths of the city whole, engineering companies, Ashbritt Environmental and CTI Environmental will step in to help. Ashbritt and CTI will provide those hundreds of thousands of humans and their pets with power, water, shelter, and food. The disaster relief plan even accounts for Angelenos' snobbish palates to remain so, even when faced with imminent death. In the most LA news that ever was, Ashbritt and CTI disaster relief stations will have vegan, dairy-free, Kosher, and gluten-free options available. It's nice to know that even as fires engulf the city and running water is a quaint relic of the past, dietary restrictions needn't be compromised.

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