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Mapping Exactly Which Los Angeles Neighborhoods You Can Afford to Rent In

Most people can't really afford to rent at all in Los Angeles. If you work, and you earn the median income in LA, you still have to pay nearly half of that money toward the average rent every month. Experts always recommend that everyone only use a third of their income for housing—anything beyond that and it starts cutting into other necessary expenses and the normal spending that keeps local economies kicking. But, whether you want to pay a third or a half or three-quarters or a tenth of your pay, this handy new mapping tool at helps you figure out which neighborhoods are in your price range—you put in how much rent you want to pay and the number of bedrooms you're looking for, and it tells you where you're likely to find a suitable rental.

Darker blue means a higher percentage of units in your price range (click the label for the exact number), and you can also click through to look at the actual listings available. So maybe you really really want to live on the Westside for some reason, but know you can't afford Santa Monica—the map will show you where you might have a little more luck. And if you just need something cheap and don't care where it is, use the map to discover some far-flung neighborhood you didn't even know existed.

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