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This $1,500 West Hollywood Apartment is Definitely a Garage

This small studio advertises that it's in an "amazing location" in West Hollywood; the map locates the spot somewhere about a block south of Santa Monica Boulevard, off Crescent Heights. The little unit, via a tipster, has all new appliances in the cozy kitchen nook, a new bathroom, a washer and dryer, and—wait, what's that unusual pattern on the bedroom wall? It almost looks like, well, like a garage door. Another, more pulled-back shot reveals actual track for the garage door above the bed. Um, is this a garage?

A similar door appears to make up the wall of the common area/dining room quadrant of the unit. The floors look a lot like the kind of polished concrete that is common found on the floor of a place where cars are parked. Wait a minute: is the truly amazing part of this studio's location the fact that it is in someone's garage?

There are a lot of signs pointing to yes. Ok, there are only three, but they are pretty damning. The listing mentions that there is easy street parking, but parking would probably be even easier if they cleared out the table and chairs and you could just roll up inside this place. Garage or not, the rent for this "must see" pad is still $1,500.

· $1500 / 1br - WEHO STUDIO IN AMAZING LOCATION [Craigslist]