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Sunset Strip Tower Records Getting Its Classic Look Back

Follow the yellow brick...sign? #NoMusicNoLife #TowerRecordsDoc #ATMP

A photo posted by Colin Hanks (@colinhanks) on

The old Tower Records storefront on the Sunset Strip was, until recently, looking much changed since its heyday several decades ago. Now, though, part of it is bright yellow once again, just like it was before the chain went out of business and the store shuttered in the mid-aughts. (Red and yellow were its signature colors.) What gives? Los Angeles magazine hears that the retro paint job might be "to draw attention" to a new documentary by actor/director Colin Hanks about the rise and fall of Tower Records. We hope big red letters reading "Tower Records" are part of the promo too. Update 10/9: A rep for Hanks' documentary, All Things Must Pass, got in touch to say that Gibson and the doc's filmmakers are collaborating to restore the original Tower Records sign for one night only (October 15), when the space will be hosting an invite-only party for the documentary.

Since the Tower Records closed, things have been tough for the structure at Sunset and Horn. The building that once famously housed the flagship record store dodged demolition for years, but was denied landmark status by West Hollywood a few years ago. Finally, last year, it was effectively saved by the makers of Gibson guitars when they revealed plans to turn the site into a showroom for all the instruments and music-related electronics under their brand. They planned to do a renovation on the building that would be "very evocative of Tower, not a 20-story palace or anything." Maybe they'll keep the old Tower look?


A photo posted by Colin Hanks (@colinhanks) on