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Beyoncé and Jay Z Are Renting The Big Lebowski's Mansion For $150k a Month

Beyoncé has a place to live! REPEAT. Beyoncé has a place to live! Just last month Beyoncé and Jay Z were told that the Holmby Hills mansion they were renting for $150,000 a month had been sold, and that they had 60 days to find a new home. Well, they have, and that house has certainly got some history to it. TMZ reports that Bey and Jay are moving into ex-Dodger owner Jamie McCourt's old house in Holmby Hills.

The McCourts bought this property in 2004 for $21.25 million and spent another $14 million on shipping in the entire kitchen from their Massachusetts home. It was a castle fit for a fairytale marriage. Then, the divorce, in which Jamie got the real estate—but she decided she wasn't too keen on keeping the family property. She tried to sell the 20,637-square-foot European style villa for several years with no luck, eventually slashing $20 million off the asking price. Then last year she finally unloaded it, on someone TMZ is calling a "British billionaire," for $45 million.

Apparently Mr. Billionaire is never actually in LA and the house has sat empty, so he put it up for lease at $150,000 a month and the hottest couple in entertainment swooped in to rent. Yes, rent. Beyoncé and Jay Z are just as wary of the volatile LA housing market as less flawless people. They're only bound to a one-year lease on the place.

It's a pretty cool spread over at the former McCourt house. The five-bedroom, six-bathroom villa also features an Olympic-sized indoor pool with spa, steam, and massage room; a "gourmet commercial kitchen"; library/screening room; dance studio; and an atrium. Plus it's just walking distance to the Playboy Mansion!

It's just down the street from their last house, so they must like the neighborhood. Or maybe Bey and Jay are just really huge fans of The Big Lebowski. The house was used as (rich) Jeffrey Lebowski's mansion in the 1998 film. —Jeff Wattenhofer
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