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The 10 Most Candy-Dense Halloween Neighborhoods in LA

Halloween is tomorrow and you'll want to formulate a concrete plan of action to ensure optimal candy accumulation (for the kids, of course). Fly blind on All Hallow's Eve and the chances of running into a lot of houses with their lights off are high. To help trick-or-treaters avoid such disappointments, the folks over at Nextdoor, the virtual neighborhood watch website, have compiled a "Treat Map," which allows users to mark their house with a candy icon to let neighbors know they'll be giving out candy on Halloween. Based on the information submitted to the Treat Map, Nextdoor put together a top ten of the most candy-dense 'hoods.

Nextdoor's list is based on "ratio of the number of Nextdoor members who are using Nextdoor's Treat Map to the total number of Nextdoor members in a neighborhood," so it discounts neighborhoods where no one uses the network. (But it does give hope to kids who live in these neighborhoods that there will be promising amounts of candy out there to be gotten.) Walkable Leimert Park tops the list of treat-wealthy 'hoods, while Cheviot Hills and part of Westchester also make appearances on the Westside-heavy top 10 (not surprising that Nextdoor is skewed toward those areas).

To actually see the candy-corn-marked houses and get the actual "Here's the Candy" map, Nextdoor requires viewers to log in to the site (it's free but they, like every other site, want all your information, and they'll verify your address).

· Find the Treats on Your Neighborhood's Streets with the Treat Map [Nextdoor]