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Look Around Snapchat's New $25,000-a-Month Penthouse Apartment in Venice

Image via <a href="">Venice Beach Penthouse</a>
Image via Venice Beach Penthouse

Snapchat has already laid claim to plenty of space on Abbot Kinney and right near the beach as it expands and expands in Venice, but one thing it doesn't have is a $25,000-a-month, one-bedroom beachfront penthouse with a jacuzzi and a geodesic dome. Oh, wait, no—it's got that too now. BuzzFeed reports that Snapchat has signed a five-year lease that began in the middle of September for a rooftop apartment that's already notorious for its rowdy tech parties. Unfortunately, as part of their lease, Snapchat had to agree not to use the place for similarly wild festivities.

The penthouse was last rented by a venture capitalist named Paige Craig, who claims to have invented to the term "Silicon Beach" and "developed a reputation for the raucous soirees" he hosted at the space. Perhaps because they promised not to have any ragers, Snapchat did manage to get a deal on the rent; the penthouse is listed on its website for $25,000 a month, but they're only paying $22,500. It's not clear what they will be using their new space for (a rep wouldn't tell BuzzFeed).

The listing website for the apartment doesn't offer any specs, but we do know that it's got a one-bedroom, two-bathroom main space (1,110 square feet), a detached guest room (200 square feet), a fire pit, a 5,000-square-foot glassed-in deck, a jacuzzi, and a "sun pavilion." It's separated from the sand only by Ocean Front Walk.

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