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Watch Extremely Drunk People and Jack Black "Explain" the Origins of the LAPD and the LA Aqueduct

Everyone's favorite not-entirely-accurate exploration of the past, Drunk History, has finally gotten around to a whole episode about Los Angeles. They've enlisted heavy-hitters like Jack Black (as William Mulholland!) with Tenacious D partner Kyle Gass, Ryan Phillippe, and a hilarious supporting cast to sort of tell the story of some pivotal points in LA history, including the vigilante origins of the LAPD and the shady creation of the Los Angeles Aqueduct (plus something about Rin Tin Tin, the world-famous acting dog).

The LAPD story certainly doesn't match up with what the department's official history says (although the part about prisoners being chained up to huge logs in a jail yard because there were no cells is spot on), since they have their own agenda and the Drunk History narrator is very drunk, and maybe William Mulholland never actually said, "LA has to stop growing or we need to figure out more ... water," but these episodes are certainly a fun jumping off point for further historical exploration.

The full episode is here, but requires TV provider login information to watch.
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