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Haunted Old Boyle Heights Hospital Now Completely Unscary

Since 2012, construction work has been underway to turn the eerie, derelict Linda Vista Community Hospital in Boyle Heights—supposedly one of the most haunted spots in Los Angeles—into comely affordable housing for seniors. Now the project is complete and, just in time for Halloween, this place doesn't look haunted in the least anymore. A release for the adaptive reuse project, designed by Killefer Flammang Architects and developed by AMCAL Multi-Housing, says that the former hospital—built in the '20s and '30s—has been restored, revamped, and renamed: now known as the Hollenbeck Terrace Apartments, the one-time health facility holds 120 apartments for oldsters.

The original Linda Vista marble entryway and Santa Fe tile have been preserved. Residents will have a roof deck and, in a space that includes "a boiler room with 30-foot ceilings," the community will eventually have an arts venue. The Hollenbeck Park-adjacent structure's "historic lobbies, dining rooms and common areas remain, while patient rooms, laboratories, the nurses' dormitory and offices were converted to living areas."

Gone, it seems, are the days when this super creepy, vacant filming location will fuel the nightmares of those who visit and see water spigots turn themselves on and off, or feel tiny baby hands touch them when there's no one around. OR ARE THEY? (They probably are.)