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The Fabulous International Neighborhoods Where You Could Live On What You Pay in Los Angeles

The cost of buying a chunk of Los Angeles real estate is up, up, up, but what are we going to do—move out of the city? Move out of the country? For those entertaining that thought, there's this helpful map from Constantine Valhouli's NeighborhoodX (first published at the LA Times). Valhouli and his team took the cost per square foot of an average, two-bedroom residence in various Los Angeles neighborhoods, and then compared those numbers to the cost of living in some of the fanciest 'hoods across the globe.

Valhouli found that LA real estate prices could set a person up nicely in Europe: for the average price per square foot of a place in Los Feliz ($690), why not get a place in the Le Suquet neighborhood of Cannes, France ($631 per square foot)? Or swap out the horribly expensive and bustling Arts District ($517 per square foot) for the relaxing Mediterranean vibe in Chora on the Greek island of Mykonos ($522 per square foot). For that matter, instead of spending $944 per square foot to live in Venice, why not save a little cash and live in the historic San Marco neighborhood in the original Venice ($907 a square foot)? They're both going to be underwater eventually!

South LA isn't left off the map, either. For the price of buying in Leimert Park ($333 a square foot), move to Portugal and take up in Chiado ($360 per square foot), a popular and ritzy tourist spot. In fact, Valhouli writes in an email, he and his team "discovered that even under-the-radar neighborhoods are the equivalent price per square foot of some of the best neighborhoods of leading worldwide cities." The full, very tantalizing map is below.

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