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Westwood Village Wants Diddy Riese-Adjacent Pedestrian Plaza

Westwood Village is submitting an application to get a section of Broxton Avenue converted into a pedestrian plaza, which would be closed to vehicle traffic and made pleasant for pedestrians, just like the Sunset Triangle Plaza in Silver Lake and the newly installed plazas in North Hollywood, Pacoima, and Leimert Park (they all fall under Los Angeles's newish People St. program, which simplifies these kind of plaza conversions).

The proposal suggests converting this part of the street—a segment of the block from Webyrun Avenue to an alley south of Le Conte that's home to Diddy Riese and the Fox Village Theater—into a plaza with room for outdoor dining and events, says the Daily Bruin. The executive director of the Westwood Village Improvement Association, which is leading the push, thinks that the plaza could give the collegiate Village even more of a Grovey, walkable shopping district feel.

Westwood Village will have to compete with other neighborhoods for the People St. designation; their application will go to LADOT, which oversees the program, by December, and the department is expected to make selections and announce winners early next year. The plaza has its supporters, who feel like the pedestrian-friendly conversion would increase foot traffic for businesses along the plaza, and its detractors, who think just the opposite. If approved, the Westwood Village Improvement Association is hoping that the plaza could be installed by spring 2016.