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Big, Half-Built Hollywood Target Might Be Finished Instead of Torn Down

For over a year, the not-quite-complete Target in Hollywood has been frozen in time at the southwest corner of Sunset and Western, but there's finally some movement toward finishing it. A Planning Department meeting today is taking the first step toward possibly changing the planning guidelines for the area so taller buildings can be constructed, says Los Angeles magazine. The main issue with the three-story Target shopping center was its 74-foot height, so tweaking those height requirements could mean that the building might finally be completed.

The meeting is just the first step in a long process—a report, a recommendation, and then a hearing with the whole Planning Commission will follow—but any action on the long-stalled project is exciting. The Target has on hold since its construction permits were revoked in August 2014. Famous NIMBY group the La Mirada Avenue Neighborhood Association, their lawyer Robert Silverstein, and another group, Citizens Coalition Los Angeles, sued the project, mainly upset about the shopping center's height, which they felt was too tall for the neighborhood. (They wanted the Target to be torn down.) In the end, a judge agreed with them and permits got taken away. If (when?) completed, the approximately 200,000-square-foot center would have parking, other retailers, and the Target spread across three levels.

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