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This Fantastic Supercut Shows Three Eclipses Traveling Across the LA Sky

Last Sunday's blood moon/super moon eclipse was kind of disappointing, thanks to clouds that largely obscured the view for many Angelenos. The moon was supposed to be freaking amazing: both reddish in color (due to the eclipse) and 13 percent larger than other full moons—a "super moon"— because it was also at its closet point to the planet. Though it may have been a dud for those who tried to see it Sunday, the view of it in this short video from three of the last four other eclipses from YouTube user The Kevin Greene is anything but disappointing.

Greene shot from three locations around LA to create his video: "this past Sunday at Los Liones [near the Getty Villa], the second one was from the top of mount Wilson in April 2014 and the last was from Lincoln Heights earlier this year," he says in a post on Reddit. Even though the moon is sometimes small in the shots, the overall result, condensed into less than 50 seconds, probably offers up the kind of vivid and bright moon views that people were hoping to see last weekend.