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Riverside's Favorite Halloween House Has Gone Legit and Added Pyrotechnics

Last year, the long-running Riverside Light Show House (most famous for appearing to sing "Party Rock" back in 2011) ran afoul of its neighbors again, who called in noise complaints and got the place shut down temporarily. Now, instead of going through all that trouble again, the house has gone legit for this year's season of the elaborate, Halloween-themed light extravaganza that plays out on the exterior of a suburban tract home, says CBS LA.

This year, show creator Kevin Judd's gotten the necessary permits to put on the spectacle, which will only be taking place on the weekend. In response to previous problems resulting from all the traffic generated by thousands of onlookers descending on the area, a section of the street near Judd's house will be blocked off to cars and specific parking areas have also been established, says a post on the Facebook page for the attraction.

"I think we did it right this time. We went and got permits first and talked to our councilman, Paul Davis, and made sure we crossed our T's and dotted our I's with everything," Judd says. This year, "pyrotechnics have been added to thousands of LED lights and singing pumpkin faces," says CBS LA. The show features a few new tunes added to the existing repertoire, including a timely cover of the Ghostbusters theme song, seen below.

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