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Buy a Completely Bastardized Version of One of Richard Neutra's Cantilevered Platform Houses

This Sherman Oaks residence is one of the Platform Houses, a collection of houses all along Oakfield Drive designed by major Modernist Richard Neutra, and so named because they're built on giant cantilevered platforms that allow them to jut out terrifyingly over the hillside. The house as it is now features Brazilian hardwood floors throughout, "embedded speakers," a fireplace, and large sliding glass doors that lead out to the wide back deck, but it seems to have been thoroughly stripped of most (if not all) of anything that could identify it as a Neutra (or attractive). Instead, it's had a generic, top-of-the-line-tract-house look imposed upon it.

This change, which includes a liberal sprinkling of glass blocks, appears to have taken place a few owners ago, so it's unknown who to blame. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom dwelling sits on about a half acre of land and features a master suite with its own sliding door to the balcony. The 1,645-square-foot house also has a spa with a waterfall and a two-car carport. Last sold in 2013 for $777,000, the place is now listed for $935,000.

· 3733 Oakfield Drive, Sherman Oaks, CA [Estately]