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Laurel Canyon Residents Trying to Keep 17 Unspoiled Acres Development-Free

In among the expensive mansions and quirky cabins of Laurel Canyon, there are 17 pristine acres of wilderness that a coalition of local groups and preservationists are working to buy, so that they can keep it undeveloped forever. The property they're eyeing sits between Lookout Mountain Avenue and Stanley Hills Drive, and includes "one of the highest points in Hollywood Hills, a 1,400 foot crest that offers views from Catalina all the way to the Sierras," says Los Angeles magazine.

The Laurel Canyon Association along with the Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife (CLAW) have inked an agreement to buy the land, which has been up for sale for a while (a plan for a solar farm there fell through). Once purchased, they plan to have the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority preserve it as open space, and hopefully, in doing so, make some headway in preserving the serene, forested vibe that the area's famous for.

The total cost of the land will be $1.6 million, but they've worked out a deal with the owners where they can spread the payments over 18 months, says the CLAW website. The first installment of $48,000 is due November 2; they've only gathered $10,000 so far, and they need to raise the rest quickly: if they fail to make the first payment, the whole deal disintegrates.

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