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What They're Putting On Every Floor of the Arts District's Members-Only SoHo Warehouse

The arrival of SoHo Warehouse—the new location of the expensive members-only SoHo House club in Downtown LA's Arts District—has come another step closer to reality as environmental review paperwork has now been submitted to the city. Sounds dull, but thanks to those documents (via says Urbanize LA), we're getting a floor-by-floor look at what's planned inside the pricey club: Where will the screening room be? What about the 267-seat club? These are the questions we need answers to!

SoHo Warehouse's six-story building at Santa Fe Avenue and Bay Street was once mostly filled with rental practice spaces for musicians (who had no idea they were getting booted until after it had been widely reported). With those folks forced out, the place can be transformed, starting with the basement, which will hold a roughly 1,500-square-foot, music-focused performance space with seats for 71 people.

The ground floor will have a nearly 14,000-square foot "public market" with a restaurant, bar, and "backyard." Up a level, on the second floor, is where members will find the spa and salon (about 3,000 square feet). A nearly-3,900-square-foot gym and "flexible event space" will occupy the third floor; directly above that, on the fourth floor, is where the Warehouse's 16 hotel rooms will be located.

A 39-seat screening room will be installed on the fifth floor, with the sixth floor holding all the party fuel: the 5,942-square-foot club/music room/restaurant/bar zone. On the roof is where guests will find the promised pool, along with a bar and an observation deck with its own lounge.

A rep for SoHo House told the Downtown News in March that they're hoping to open in 2016.
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