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The Latest Look For the 19-Story Luxury Apartment Tower Set to Rise By the Beverly Center

Grove and Americana developer Rick Caruso has projects going as far as Carlsbad and Montecito, but he's still busy tending to his growing empire in Beverly Grove in the middle of Los Angeles. Urbanize LA has got some new renderings of Caruso's upcoming luxury apartment building at 333 S. La Cienega, right by the Beverly Center, which is scheduled to start construction in 2017. Take a good look at the outside, because it's the closest most people will ever get to seeing the inside of this luxury property.

The 333 La Cienega tower is considered a sister property to the already completed and very expensive 8500 Burton Way luxury apartments just down the street. Over there, standard apartments start at $4,000 a month, and the monthly rate for the penthouse is a whopping $40,000. Expect much the same for the 154 residential units at the new 19-story La Cienega tower.

Residents of the tower will be getting, among other things, a sky deck, spa, and the waviest balconies in town. Normal people won't be totally out of luck though. Those who can't afford the Caruso living experience can take advantage of the planned public space on the corner of La Cienega and Burton Way. There will be a fountain available for coin toss wishes of a better life, or you can maybe head into the tower's 26,000-square-foot grocery store and watch the concierges do the shopping for tower residents.

While some balk at the insane prices, there is still a demand for the extreme luxuries of Caruso branded living, apparently. Caruso bragged to Bisnow recently that there were so few luxury apartments "of this caliber" that a waiting list has formed. The secret to his Beverly Grove success? He says it's the "unparalleled amenities"—8500 Burton Way and the La Cienega tower will both operate like five-star hotels, with a concierge service available for all your grocery shopping, dog walking, or money counting needs.

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