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Illegal Megamansion Builder Planning New 50,000-Square-Foot Mansion in Beverly Crest

Draw a line west across Coldwater Canyon Drive from the garish Palazzo di Amore megamansion and you'll hit the Beverly Crest property that, from the looks of it, is set to become the site of a 50,000-square-foot hilltop behemoth. Spotted by Homes of the Rich, this inhabitable beast will have 15 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms, and be built by prolific megamansion developer and permit hater Mohamed Hadid (a project of his in Bel Air has landed him with criminal charges recently). The massive estate was designed by CLR Design Group and features, per their website, a 2,000-foot-long driveway, a motor court with room for 20 cars, and what appear to be multiple infinity pools.

There's not a lot of information on the site about how far along in the building process this place is, and there are no recent building permits attached to the address (not that that's stopped building on past Hadid projects!). There's also not any price listed on CLR's site yet, but rest assured that it will be plenty expensive: the still-unfinished megamansion Hadid was building on that Bel Air hillside without the correct permits was listed, unfinished, years ago, for $45 million.

Take the tour through the future mansion:

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