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Frogtown's First Big Gentrification Meteor Could Be About to Hit

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Some old industrial spaces in just-starting-to-gentrify Frogtown have been adaptively reused as new, hip, largely art-related businesses, but now the neighborhood has reached the stage where the industrial stuff is being taken right out and new residential is coming in. As seen on Eastsider LA, this latest proposed development sits at the end of Allesandro Street, butting up against the LA River path, and would take out six "temporary sheds" (they appear to be building-sized sheds) and one single-family house to make way for a "riverfront creative campus." The four-story project would contain 40 live/work units, 16,000 square feet of commercial space, and one level of underground parking.

The residential space of the 52,476-square-foot complex would be broken up into 33 one-bedroom and seven three-bedroom apartments. Three units of the 40 would be affordable housing; that and the underground parking together are what allows the project to be taller than the area would normally allow (at four stories!). The garage would have 73 spaces, but only 49 of those would be reserved for resident parking; the rest would serve the ground-floor commercial spaces. There would also be long- and short-term bike parking spots. The project's environmental assessment suggests that the project wouldn't have significant impacts on Frogtown, but in terms of the economy and character of the neighborhood, which is still pretty working class and lowkey, it could be a meteor.
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