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Downtown's Entire Los Angeles Times Block Getting Restoration and Redevelopment

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This past April, plans were scrapped for a second entrance to the Regional Connector rail line's Broadway/Second Street station. At the time, it was mentioned in passing that a factor in that decision was that Tribune Company, which owns both the LA Times and the land from which the future station will rise, might have an interest in developing the site. Today, the LA Times reports on new plans for a mixed-use redevelopment of Times Mirror Square, the entire city block that's home to the paper's HQ, with both entirely new buildings and updates for the historic ones.

Tribune's announcement says that they are seeking partners to transform their Downtown site, as well as a currently vacant Costa Mesa property that was formerly an LA Times printing plant and distribution center. At this point, details on a possible project are pretty slim, though the president of Tribune Real Estate did say in a statement that "The Times Mirror Square master plan promises to deliver a compelling urban project that includes the restoration of important buildings and the construction of complementary new buildings" around the forthcoming Metro station.

According to a Times piece that ran in 2008, when Tribune was considering selling the building, Times Mirror Square occupies 750,000 square feet of "usable space," and is made up of five structures, dating from the 1930s to the '70s, that interlink to create "large areas with no natural lighting" inside the complex.

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