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Mapping Los Angeles's Pet-Friendliest Rental Neighborhoods

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Pet deposits and monthly pet fees can make it expensive to live with your furry, four-legged friends, and that's if you can even find a place that will take your pet in the first place. Those really prioritizing their dogs and cats can go straight to the most pet-friendly zip code in Los Angeles, 90401, which covers part of Santa Monica. The area has a steep median rent of $3,485, but nearly 88 percent of apartments would love to have your pooch. Steer clear of least-pet-friendly zip code 90067, which includes Century City and commands a spicy $4,347 median rent. (You'd think for that much they'd give you a little freedom.) HotPads considered the percentage of pet-friendly listings when calculating these titles, and they made an interactive map showing pet-friendliness for all of Los Angeles:

Green on the map denotes a neighborhood where 50 percent or more listings welcome pets, red is for places where less than 50 percent are welcoming. The darker the green, the higher the percentage. The darker the red, the lower the percentage.

When looking at the total number of pet-friendly listings, Los Angeles ranked sixth in the nation, which should mean that finding a pet-friendly apartment is on the easy side here, if for no other reason than there are just more of them. Surprisingly, HotPads found that, on average, renting with a pet was actually around $145 cheaper in LA than renting without one. (These figures only consider the monthly cost of an apartment, not pet deposits.)

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