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Los Angeles is Out of the Running For the 2024 Olympics

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And Los Angeles's 2024 Summer Olympics dreams are OVER, squashed by Boston, which the US Olympic Committee has just chosen as its representative in the global battle for the games. The decision was made after "a spirited discussion and more than one round of voting," according to the USOC's statement, quoted in the Boston Globe. It hurts the regional ego to lose to a place best known for having trouble with the letter "R" and fostering ONE revolution ONCE like 250 years ago, but Olympics are generally pretty big losers for host cities anyway. The potential bummer here is that big, ambitious, necessary projects that are already underway—a revitalization of the LA River, a rail connection to LAX—might not have the same urgency behind them now that there's no real deadline looming. Anyway, cheers Boston, and just FYI it was in the high sixties today in LA.
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