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South Echo Park Getting Big Apartment Complex Boylston Arms

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Echo Park has been no stranger to new developments the past few years, but the action has been largely limited to north of the 101 Freeway; now a new apartment development called the Boylston Arms looks to break that trend with 121 units on Boylston Street in south Echo Park. Construction could start as soon as this fall on the project, designed by VTBS Architects and developed by Lion Boylston LCC and LA Urban Homes. The project will include "145 parking spaces in addition to more than 140 bike lockers." Even with incentives that allow developers to swap expensive car parking for thrifty bike spots, 140 lockers seems generous.

The athletic fields at the adjacent Edward R. Roybal Learning Center School will afford east-facing apartments excellent views of the Downtown skyline, an asset that the project's rooftop terrace will also cash in on. Consultant Dana Sayles tells Eastsider LA that Boylston Arms will set aside 15 percent of its units for low-income tenants in order to get density bonuses that will allow them to build units (studios, one-, and two-bedrooms) bigger than the area's other residences, which are largely single houses or small apartment buildings.

This isn't the only large apartment project in the works for Echo Park. There's the 214-unit mixed-user on Sunset, and don't forget the luxurious pads over at The Elysian on the eastern end of the neighborhood. Elsewhere along Temple, you may soon find new apartments both to the west and east, spectacular fires notwithstanding.

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