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Silver Lake's First Boutique Hotel Allowed Booze and Dancing

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A plan to turn Silver Lake's Pilgrim Church into the neighborhood's first boutique hotel has been struggling toward approval for years now. Last fall, the LA Planning Department gave the project the go-ahead, but, in a huge victory for the neighbors who didn't want any hotel at all, they denied the hotel permits to sell booze or have dancing and special events. That could have been a deathblow to the 25-room project, but the proprietor, nightlife maven Dana Hollister (Villains Tavern, Brite Spot, 4100 Club), appealed that ruling and it was overturned last month. Hollister now has the green light to sell alcohol in the hotel's restaurant and bar, and to have "public patron dancing" (sounds fun) in the hotel.

According to this Facebook post from Fe Design, which is working with Hollister on the conversion project, drinking will be allowed throughout the hotel. Original plans called for four bar areas, which neighbors completely objected to, and the design was reworked in 2013 to remove one bar, but last fall's ruling made it pretty clear that nearby residents didn't want any new watering holes popping up near their houses.
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Pilgrim Church

1629 Griffith Park Blvd., Los Angeles, CA