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Inside James and Chris's Bungalow in Up-and-Coming Frogtown

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Welcome to House Calls, a new feature in which Curbed tours the lovely, offbeat, or otherwise awesome homes of regular Angelenos. Think your space should be featured next? Drop us a line with a few photos and details about your place.

[Photos by Elizabeth Daniels]

Who lives here?
Chris, 32 and James, 36

What're the stats?
Two bedrooms, one bathroom with a backyard and detached garage.

What's the rent?

How long have you been here?
It'll be five years in February.

What's the best feature of your house?
Chris: Enclosed backyard is pretty fucking great. That and the privacy.

What's the worst feature?
James: The only thing I don't like is being close to the freeway. Chris: See, I like being next to the freeway. I don't like the mice. We get them because we're close to the river.

What do you love and/or hate about the neighborhood?
Chris: What I love about the neighborhood is that it's a quiet, residential neighborhood five minutes from everything cool in this city.

What's your approach to decorating?
Chris: Finding a place for all the random old and new knick-knacks and art that come my way.

Any crazy/interesting stories about your house?
Chris: People are constantly breaking down or pulling over outside our place because it's right by the freeway. I've seen people fight and break up, I've seen people thrown on the ground by the cops, I've seen Homeland Security pull people over.

How'd you end up here?
Chris: We were driving around Frogtown looking for a house and saw a "for rent" sign. As soon as we stepped inside, we knew it was the place we wanted to live in. It wasn't on Craigslist or Westside Rentals or anything and to me that's still the best way to find places in the city.

How's your landlord?
Chris: He's awesome. He grew up in this house so he cares as much as we do about how it looks and functions.

If you could have any living situation in LA, what would it be?
Chris: This house but with a front porch and a view. James: Yeah.

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