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See Caltrans Rock Climbers Knocking Boulders Onto PCH

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It seems like every time Los Angeles gets a solid downpour, some poor car on Pacific Coast Highway ends up with a rock through it. All those slides add up: December storms left enough mud and rocks on the highway to warrant the shutdown of a nine-mile section of the road. Though it's not expected to reopen until late this month, according to the Daily News, the hardest (and most awesome-looking) part of the clean-up has begun. Today, Caltrans climbers rappelled down a 150-foot-tall hillside and, "using only their hands, feet and crowbars," knocked out already unstable rocks to make way for hillside stabilization measures. That sounds like something you want to see, right? We've culled a few of the best action shots and a video:

@knx1070 's Pete Demetriou: On the cliffs over #PCH

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#PCH Caltrans rock climbers knocking down loose rock @kpcc

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