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Very Traditional Two-Story House Overlooking Silver Lake Reservoir Asking $1.6 Million

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It's always a triumph to find a house with a staircase in the entryway—a person can really make an entrance in a place like that—and this three-bedroom, two-bathroom near the Silver Lake Reservoir is one of them. There are many nice touches here: a light-filled breakfast nook, a library, a galley kitchen, and wooden sliding doors that lead into the party-sized backyard. The views of the reservoir are easy to catch from the large deck, as well as from the balcony. The house's 8,352-square-foot lot also leaves "plenty of room for a pool," in case you were fretting. It's listed for $1.598 million, but act fast because there's already a sale pending.

· 2150 Moreno Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90039 [Redfin]