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William Mulholland's Fountain Will Never Run Dry

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The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is sticking to its guns, refusing to turn off Griffith Park's Mulholland Memorial Fountain (at Los Feliz and Riverside) despite a terrible drought and a recent motion from the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council begging the LADWP to "hold itself to the same standards the rest of the state is subject to," and set an example of conservation for Angelenos, the Los Feliz Ledger reports.

A rep for the LADWP says that the agency hasn't "officially received" the motion yet, but pointed out all the stuff they're doing instead of cutting the water, like turning the fountain off for random hours of the day and night, reducing the hours that it's spraying at all (it's off from 9 am to 4 pm on weekdays, she says), and installing special equipment to keep the spray from getting out of hand.

The Mulholland fountain uses recirculated water, not recycled water, and holds about 50,000 gallons. The water is replenished when the water evaporates. It's named for William Mulholland, the man who orchestrated the 1910s plan to take water from the Owens Valley and bring it, via the Los Angeles Aqueduct, to a young, parched city called Los Angeles.
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