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Rent a Two-Story Apartment in Craig Ellwood's Mod Courtyard Apartments in Hollywood

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The generosity of Craigslist knows no bounds, for today it's turned up lodging in the classic Modernist Courtyard Apartments, aka Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #801, designed by architect Craig Ellwood. Commissioned by television host Roy Maypole and completed in 1953, the handsome little building in Hollywood has held onto its mid-century charm thanks to a renovation a few years back by firm Taalman Koch. The unit in question today—a two-bedroom, one-bathroom, two-level affair—appears to have popped up on our radar before. The private living spaces are upstairs and the kitchen, fireplace, and "large private patio" are downstairs. There's even a washer/dryer and two parking spaces. Rent is $2,800 (up $100 from when we saw it a year ago).

· 1954 Craig Ellwood Architectural in Prime Hollywood [Craigslist]