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The Past, Present, and Future of the Most Fascinating Property Along the LA River

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Famed LA Riverside parcel Piggyback Yard "helped build Los Angeles into an industrial powerhouse," but it's possible the yard may soon be transforming into a riverfront green space and the centerpiece of the billion-dollar LA River revitalization plan (or not; Union Pacific wants a lot of money for it). Past, present, and future of this important but unassuming site are all explored in the latest episode of the informative and beautifully shot Tom Explores Los Angeles, a web series guided by the engaging Tom Carroll.

Watch as a timeline of the yard's history alternates with lots of glamour shots of trains, and learn that the adorable name "piggyback" has practical origins—it refers to the front-end loaders that take the cargo trailers off the backs of big rigs and plop them onto flat train cars, giving them a piggyback ride to their destination.

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