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Preservationists Say Ugly Crossing Signal is Blighting Neutra's Modernist Masterpiece in Silver Lake

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The crossing signal on Silver Lake Boulevard right in front of the Neutra VDL Research House, Modernist architect Richard Neutra's one-time studio and residence, was installed in 2011 for the seemingly innocuous purpose of helping people get across to the Silver Lake Meadow with ease. But its placement ruffled a few feathers, including those of Richard Neutra's son and partner, Dion Neutra. A campaign to have the signal moved was unsuccessful, but now, reports Eastsider LA, a new crop of preservationists have taken up the torch and the signal saga soldiers on.

"Currently this pole is blighting the house and is in violation of the public interest in culture and the preservation of significant works of art here," says Christine Kantner, Neutra fan and landlord of the Sunset Junction building that's home to Intelligentsia and the Sunset Junction sign. Kantner argues that when people come from far and wide to see the architectural landmark (now an evironmental design center operated by Cal Poly Pomona) they should see the house in all its glory, not marred by some ugly pole.

The movement to relocate the signal doesn't quite have the steam it needs yet. A motion to shift the structure 10 feet and trim a few trees by the house didn't get enough votes from the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council's Transportation and Public Works Committee at the start of the month, but Kantner says that the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission is due to talk about the blighty pole in the coming month; the city is already a protected city landmark. (No CHC agendas are online for February yet.)

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Neutra VDL Research House

2300 Silver Lake Blvd., Los Angeles, CA