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East Hollywood Has California's Most Expensive Car Insurance

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Glendale, previously California's reigning champ for most expensive car insurance, has been unseated, according to a survey done by the quote comparison website, via the LA Times. In this latest survey, they didn't even make the top four. While there are many factors that affect car insurance rates, where a driver lives is usually the first thing taken into account, so zip codes where lots of drivers have filed severe claims are seen as higher risk areas and command higher insurance rates. The number one most expensive zip code, according to the site, is 90029, which covers a large part of East Hollywood, where the average premium was a pocket-emptying $2,416. That's high enough to put the neighborhood sixth in the nation.

90029 (Mostly East Hollywood): $2,416

All calculations were made based on insurance for a 40-year-old man driving a 2014 Honda Accord. According to information found on, the top four most expensive zip codes in California are all in Los Angeles. Besides East Hollywood, there are three other central zip codes at the top of the state list.

90020 (A strip of the city stretching though parts of Koreatown, Larchmont, and Hancock Park between Third and Sixth Streets): $2,403

90010 (A weird little row centered along Wilshire between Highland and Hoover): $2,402

90005 (A chunk of neighborhoods running through Ktown and Mid-Wilshire): $2,388
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