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Perfect 1949 Traditional in Long Beach For Sale For First Time

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The original owner of this very spacious Long Beach house was, according to the listing, "a civil engineer intent on perfection" who worked with the designer to create a space that would be a literal and figurative gift to his wife and children. He did a good job: as the listing states, the house has been home to three generations of the family now, each one passing the house on to the next. When it sells now, it will be the first time anyone outside the family has owned the 1949 residence.

Stand-out features of the five-bedroom, four-bathroom house—which looks like it's ripped from a mid-century TV show about a perfect family—include the sweeping staircase in the entrance, the privacy-affording 11,182-square-foot lot, and four bay windows. The 3,800-square-foot house has just received new copper pipes throughout, and someone even Photoshopped in some stately furniture so it's easier to imagine the space filled with all the trappings of a family. It's all yours for $1.19 million.

· 4406 California Avenue, Long Beach, CA [Estately]