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Four Gutsy Instagrammers Taking the Most Alarmingly Vertiginous Shots of Los Angeles

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In between doing some awe-inspiring, ground-level urban exploring and managing to get sharp, interesting photos of it all, these four Instagram users (three based in Los Angeles, one who appears to split time between LA, the OC, and the entire world) are also taking some incredible, shudder-inducing shots snapped while perched on the precipices of very tall buildings, navigating narrow ledges, and hanging off of iconic signage and edifices in Downtown (a favorite) and Koreatown—all to get the shot. One such photographer, Scott Reyes, tells Los Angeles magazine that he doesn't really enjoy being up in high places, but he does it is because "I want people 100 years from now to see what it was like here during our time." They're making our time look really, really good.

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