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Here's the Design For This Year's Oscars Greenroom

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Los-Angeles-based design collective Commune, with their friend, the Oscar-winning and -nominated Julianne Moore, are in charge of designing the greenroom at the Dolby Theatre for the Oscars this year (on February 22). Greenroom sponsor Architectural Digest says that the space will be "Inspired by the classic midcentury homes of Mulholland Drive" and "exemplif[y] Southern California indoor-outdoor chic" with heavy mid-century influences. "We wanted a room that is glamorous whether you are wearing a bikini or a gown," says Commune cofounder Roman Alonso.

Commune is perhaps most well-known for its work at the immensely popular Ace Hotels in Downtown and Palm Springs. Moore will act as a consult, using her experience behind the scenes at these kinds of shows to help inform Commune's backstage room for presenters and attendees.
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