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Rent a Fabulous Vintage Apartment in Hollywood for $2,350

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Currently adding a nice dash of pizazz to the List of Craig is a one-bedroom apartment in a lovely complex from the early days of Hollywood, 1922 to be exact. (According to the Movieland Directory, Bertolt Brecht lived here.) Among its many appealing qualities: a working fireplace with gorgeous carved mantel, an elaborately carved archway, hardwood floors, French doors, period sconces, a bounty of built-ins, separate living and dining rooms, and a washer and dryer. Per the posting, the pet-friendly unit also comes with its own "individual enclosed parking garage." Located on Argyle Avenue north of Franklin, it's available for $2,350/month.

· $2350 / 1br - 1 bed/1bath one of a kind large 1920s apt. [Craigslist]