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Prediction: The Hottest Los Angeles Neighborhoods of 2015 Will Be on the Westside

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Lots of surprises in this year's hottest neighborhood forecast from real estate listings site Redfin. For one thing, Los Angeles is strikingly absent from the national top 10 list; last year, Eagle Rock was number two in the entire country. How can no Los Angeles market be national-level hot?? Second, Redfin's predicting that the hottest LA neighborhood in 2015 will be Culver City's condo-heavy Fox Hills. Perhaps its "hotness" lies in the fact that it's got so many places that people can actually afford to buy. Those who have heard of Fox Hills probably know it from the Fox Hills park or the Westfield mall of the same name. Fox Hills is a real neighborhood in theory—the little triangle between Slauson, Canterbury Drive, and the 405 was annexed by Culver City in 1964—but the name is probably most often used (at least among non-Culver-City residents) by brokers. Now that it's officially on fire, that usage is definitely going to shoot up.

Redfin's methods did depend a lot on questionable sources, including input from brokers, increases in pageviews for particular neighborhoods, and the number of listings that people marked as their favorites on the website, so this list is hardly unassailable, but then again they weren't exactly wrong about last summer's Cheviot Hills prediction. We scoffed, but while it might not have been the most in-demand area, it definitely saw a lot of action.

And the overall rise of the Westside carries on this year: Cheviot Hills and another made-up-sounding corner of Culver City, Jefferson, both made the LA list, along with the California Heights neighborhood in Long Beach; besides the LBC, the furthest east the list goes is number five, Leimert Park, in South LA.

Wait, nothing on the East- or even Eastish-side this year?! Perhaps it's not so much that the appeal of your Eagle Rocks and your Highland Parks has dropped off, but more that they're very well known by now. The hot neighborhoods, like the coolest clubs, are the ones that not everyone knows about yet. Like Jefferson. What the heck is that?

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