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Enraged Santa Monica Woman Films Loud Sex and Every Other Noise at Palihouse Hotel

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Irate neighbor Laura Wilson has been feuding with the Palihouse Santa Monica hotel for well over a year now and the battle keeps getting weirder. Wilson hates the hotel because she says it's a noisy nuisance destroying her quiet neighborhood, and she's not afraid to do something about it, like harass hotel employees and guests. Palihouse gifted Wilson with a cease-and-desist letter in 2013 for her rude crusades against the inn, but she has not let up one bit. In fact, she's been quietly building her case against the Palihouse for months, and her YouTube page is blossoming with videos documenting such atrocities as people coming back to their hotel rooms at 2:30 in the morning, or making phone calls at 5 am.

This most recent one, though, is more uncomfortable than the others—here Wilson records the late-night "sex screams" of a hotel guest, says Westside Today. "That is a woman having sex at the hotel. One of the advantages of having a hotel in a residential neighborhood," Wilson grumbles in a dramatic voiceover. Yeah, because no one who lives in a house or apartment has ever had to listen to sex or any other kind of loud noise before.

Wilson's YouTube channel also has another video (below) in which she angrily confronts a confused, sleepy, young hotel staffer at 5 am who is washing a patio—noisily, according to Wilson. She goes right up to him and whisper-yells "Do you know what time it is?!" over and over. Yes, lady, he does know, because it's 5 am and he's at work. It's this video that makes it very difficult to feel sorry at all for Wilson. In the others, she doesn't make contact, preferring instead to film her phone to confirm that yes, it is early in the morning, and then record the darkness through her window.

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